Radar Camera
The vehicle observes and detects suspicious targets through thermal imager. When there are approaching targets identified, it performs tracking mode to keep track of non-authorized targets and take immediate action if necessary.
Interlocking radar and ultra-low-light camera for day and night surveillance
Dramatically improves the detection and identification rate of moving objects
Eliminate the camera optical limitations (flare, haze/fog, protective color camouflage, etc.)
Camera - Az. Coverage (Pan) : 360° continuous (0.006°~100°/sec) - El. Coverage (Tilt) : -60° to +60° (0.003°~50°/sec) - Laser Illuminator : distance : >5km Radar - Field of view : 120° azimuth x 80° elevation - Angular resolution : ±1° azimuth x ±3° elevation - Frequency: 24.45 - 24.65 GHz (USA; multi-channel)
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