About Us
We’re a group of experts who have 20+ yrs of experience in military operations.

There are many anti-drone solutions out there. We don't intend to become one of them, but different one.

Wavetronics Inc. is one of handful companies which can deliver both detection and neutralization against drone security threats. Our products offer maintenance-friendly product design and operation-friendly UX/UI software, which derived from 20+ years of experience of coastal surveillance in military operations.

As we understand every operation site has different environment, our client will benefit from our on-demand products with tailored specs and functions.

Our people

Our world-class team

Yong-ho Cho
Rae-kyung Park
Harold Yang
Director of Vehicle Jammer
What we are best at

Our Strength

Economic yet powerful in surveillance performance.
Product deployment records in military operations for 20+ years.
Customized products on clients' demands.
Aerial Security Solutions.
Today is the day to equip right technology to secure your operations. Talk with us and get answers to your security concerns.
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